We Are All Doomed Anyways

March 14, 2021

Since the beginning of 2020 we have all gone through some tough times. Some people’s troubles are different than others but for the majority of the people in the world it has been pretty tough in the last year. The pandemic has take its tolls on all of us in different ways. There wasn’t just the pandemic; there was political unrest, crazy conspiracy theories and many more issues.

Now we are in the early phase of 2021 and things haven’t really gotten much better. Some people are saying things are going to get better soon with since the vaccines are slowly rolling out, key word slowly. But I am very doubtful that this is the end, I don’t think the vaccine is as effective as they say in general, and I don’t think its effective at all towards the variants. We are not going to be able to catch up to the variants with vaccines. I guess it is possible to catch up and then it would get beat, but it is very difficult.

I think the pandemic will be the focus of our existence for the next 2-3 years. It won’t be fixed by fall 2021. I do believe that travel will be more tolerated by the governments and it will be difficult but possible. The main thing is don’t go to a country for 2 weeks if you want to travel you have to move there, which I’m down for. But local travel should become more acceptable hopefully by fall 2021.

There are many other problems in the world though not just the pandemic though. The book Factfulness by Hans Rosling talks about how the modern world is actually better than we think, and it has only gotten better since the 18th century and beyond. While I appreciate this view and really enjoyed the book, but I think we’re about to dip a bit and go back to some bad times. It mainly talked about poverty isn’t as bad as it used to be but that isn’t really what I am getting at. I am more thinking there will be great political unjust, war, violent protests, and unthinkable conspiracy theories out there.

These things will escalade even further I believe but this is just a prediction and we know how predictions can’t be trusted. Forecasting is a complete crapshoot. There is no reason or rhyme to it people say this or that but it is most often proved wrong. I have read a few books on this. Against the Gods about probability and The Black Swan talks about uncertainty and how any predictions are most likely false. So my predictions here I will admit are completely random and probably false. But this is just what I think will happen. But who knows anyways?

This is all speculation, but the point is to enjoy life while we can because we don’t know when it will end. And it could end at any given moment. I don’t really think were going to get into an apocalypse, but I do think we already live in a dystopian world. As most governments have huge surveillance on their citizens it is quite clear that this is some sort of dystopian reality. There doesn’t seem to be much we can do about this, as much of the surveillance was introduced “for our own good” because of the pandemic. People are protesting the restrictions already and I’m not even sure they are working. I don’t know what the solution is I guess just be cautious of the government control that is implemented in most places right now, it’s a scary path we are going down.

So enjoy life while we can. Figure out what you want from life and do it, we are all doomed anyways.

Deggendorf, Germany. March 7, 2021